10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Solar Window Tints

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Where do you spend the bulk of your time? Most likely it’s your home and workplace. That’s why it’s always surprising to learn that so many people spend hours a day feeling uncomfortable in the places that matter most. Heat, cold and glare can interrupt a quiet afternoon at home or a productive day at the workplace. It can also damage belongings, waste energy and raise utility bills. There are solutions out there to reduce temperature fluctuations and energy consumption, but these options are often expensive and sometimes impractical.

Is there a better solution? Indeed there is. Solar window tints.

Like tinted car windows, these thermal films are a cost effective and simple way to repel heat and block ultraviolet rays. Let’s dive right into 10 things you probably didn’t know about today’s modern window tints.

  1. They are quick to install and remove. The film is lightweight, consisting of extremely thin layers of metal enclosed between two pieces of clear polyester plastic. It’s cut to size and applied to the window and can be easily removed without damage.

  1. They are a practical investment. When you consider the cost of solar windows and blinds, solar window tints are far more affordable. They don’t need to be custom designed, and the materials to make the product are less expensive. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the styles changing in a few years and thermal tints being outdated.

  1. They reduce energy consumption. Home window tinting allows you to control the energy in the home, keeping in the warm/cold air and blocking out outside elements. You’ll rely on your heating and A/C equipment less, saving money on utility bills.

  1. They make the home more comfortable. How many times have you been sitting on the couch watching TV, only to have your vision blocked by a strong glare? Or perhaps you have a home with large windows but you can’t enjoy them because they are constantly letting in heat. Thermal films allow you to enjoy your home and keep it comfortable without having to close off the windows.

  1. They remove unwanted heat and destructive UV rays. AZ Glass Tinting provides solar tints that block 99% of ultraviolet rays that fade drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring.

  1. They come with warranties. Your heat-resistant drapes probably don’t. Window tints have warranties of ten years to life, and the warranties cover such things as peeling, bubbling, crazing, demetalizing, glass breakage from heat cracks, seal failure and much more.

  1. They are decorative and can be easily updated. Solar window tinting is not a nuisance. AZ Glass Tinting offers a wide selection of tints, and new processing techniques have made it possible to offer decorative window film that has attractive patterns and shades. Interior designers recommend them often!

  1. They can be used for security purposes. Glass windows are some of the most vulnerable entry points. Thanks to safety and security window film, you can protect your home or business from glass-related threats while reaping the benefits energy conservation and UV ray blockage.

  1. They offer privacy during the day. Window tints allow you to enjoy the natural light during the day without sacrificing your privacy. The perfect choice if you have nosy neighbors!

  1. They are safe for kids and pets. Solar window tints have come a long way in recent years. Products from AZ Glass Tinting do not use chemical dyes to create the tint. And, some states offer incentives or rebates for using window tints because of their environmental impact.

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