The Benefits of Investing in Thermal Window Film

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What is Thermal Window Film?

Have you been thinking about installing thermal window film in your home? As more homeowners focus on improvements that reduce energy consumption, the option of adding window film is one that comes to light. Window tints have a distinct purpose: they are applied to windows to block out harmful UV rays and unwanted heat. They also reduce glare and fading. And unlike window films from the past that were more noticeable and less decorative, today’s modern films blend in seamlessly with the window and offer unsurpassed comfort and control.

But, with various options on the market for controlling energy costs, what are the benefits of investing in thermal window film?


One of the first solutions that people gravitate toward when wanting to control the temperatures in the home is a set of solar blinds or drapes. Have you seen the cost on these window treatments? Not only are they more expensive to begin with, but many have to be custom fitted to the window. You’re now dealing with a custom order that costs more and takes more time. Window film is less expensive and much faster to install since you don’t have to wait for anything to be custom made.


With solar shades, you have to use them for them to be effective. This can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t like to keep your windows covered throughout the day. Solar window tints are applied to the window and they stay for good. Imagine being able to have coffee hour at your home without any glare or heat while leaving the drapes pulled back! Products from AZ Glass Tinting block out 99% of harmful UV rays and keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Low Maintenance

Solar window film needs no special maintenance. When you hire a professional installer, the film is installed the proper way, eliminating the chance of unsightly bubbles. Modern window tints won’t fade or change colors, and peeling won’t be a problem. Though it was a concern with older products, today’s films have superior scratch-resistant coatings that do perfectly fine with normal window cleanings.

Additional Benefits

Solar tints do more than just make the home more comfortable. They come in many decorative styles and patterns so you can give your windows an entirely new look for less. There are also security solutions that protect the windows from glass breakage in the event of inclement weather or vandalism. Window tints add privacy during the day and block harmful UV rays that aren’t good for you or your belongings. All of this comes wrapped into one great product that also comes with a warranty of ten years to life!

What do you think? Are solar window tints worth it to you?

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