Types of Decorative Window Films

Are you looking for creative, inexpensive ways to spruce up your home? You may be especially tempted to do something different with your place since it’s summer, a time when friends and family come to visit. You want your home to look different from the last time you had people stay with you, but you […]

Why Window Film is Better than Blinds and Curtains

Disadvantages to Blinds, Drapes and Curtains Blinds, drapes and curtains are commonly used in homes and businesses to reduce heat gain, minimize sunlight and glare and increase privacy. They are available in many colors, styles and textures, but they have their limitations. Blinds, for instance, help reduce visible light and glare, but they do not […]

Why Renters Love Window Film

Residential Property

Renting out a home comes with many advantages. Typically, the cost of rent is cheaper than purchasing a home, so renters can enjoy a nice place to live while saving up for something else. Renters are also not responsible for typical homeowner costs such as a leaky roof, faulty appliances or a broken water heater. […]

Solar Window Film is an Affordable Alternative to Replacement Windows

Curved cut window with tint

Windows are a major investment for the home, and unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Their lifespan depends on a variety of factors, but you can expect, on average, that vinyl windows last around 15 years. Once you reach this point, it’s possible that your windows will need to be replaced. How will you know? Opening […]

Protect the Home from Summer’s Foul Weather

Weather watches are not uncommon in the summer months, but most people think that they only arise when violent storms, raging winds and torrential downpours are in the forecast. Yet in the desert states, some of the greatest weather threats come when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The high temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable; […]

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home with Decorative Window Tinting

If your home is graced with big, bright windows and doors, you can pull back the curtains and feel connected to the outside world at any time. You may enjoy the warm sunlight, refreshing breezes and beautiful scenery. But as lovely as windows can be, they aren’t always practical. Large windows let in a lot […]

How Security Window Film Protects Today’s Businesses

IRS Building Glass High rise

Every facility has areas of vulnerability. This is a particular concern for businesses that have valuable assets and sensitive information that can be stolen. Though many businesses will go through extensive (and expensive!) lengths to secure information, there is a simple way for thieves to gain access: the windows. No matter how well-guarded the windows […]