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Every facility has areas of vulnerability. This is a particular concern for businesses that have valuable assets and sensitive information that can be stolen. Though many businesses will go through extensive (and expensive!) lengths to secure information, there is a simple way for thieves to gain access: the windows. No matter how well-guarded the windows are, they remain a main source of vulnerability.

Not only are windows an easy access point for breaking and entering, but also they pose a safety hazard for employees. When glass is shattered, it causes tiny particles to float into the air, and this can cause injury and irritation. Sharp pieces of glass can also lead to serious cuts and lacerations that may require medical attention. And, if the glass is broken overnight, the assets in the workplace can be exposed to the elements.

Preventing Glass-Related Threats with Security Window Film

Luckily, there is way to reduce the risk of glass-related threats, and it doesn’t involve any fancy security or advanced technology. Security window film offers comprehensive protection from robbery, looting and other problems. It’s a thick, clear barrier that bonds to the inside of windows, and it keeps the glass intact when broken.

Additionally, you get all the same benefits with security window film as you do with traditional solar tinting: reduced solar load, improved climate and diminished glare. This can lead to a more efficient and comfortable workplace, boosting productivity and company morale. Knowing that your workplace is protected and at a lower risk of theft and robbery also brings peace of mind.

Creating an Invisible Wall to Avoid Interception

AZ Glass Tinting offers security window film from Armorcoat. Not only does this window film hold glass intact, but also it puts up an invisible wall that prevents confidential information from being intercepted. Radio frequencies, optical bandwidth emissions and infrared transmissions are all protected from this invisible barrier.

These days, there are a lot of crooks out there that steal information. Thankfully, you can protect your business, employees and customers from all types of security breaches by having security window film installed.

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