Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home with Decorative Window Tinting

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If your home is graced with big, bright windows and doors, you can pull back the curtains and feel connected to the outside world at any time. You may enjoy the warm sunlight, refreshing breezes and beautiful scenery. But as lovely as windows can be, they aren’t always practical.

Large windows let in a lot of heat, which can make the home uncomfortable. If you run your air conditioning, you’re also aware that windows let the cold air escape, driving up utility bills. They can also let through UV radiation that can fade things inside the home. Ever pull up an area rug over hardwood floors and notice the difference? And you can’t exactly leave your windows open when you’re not home, or even when you’re sleeping. That’s a safety hazard.

With these small but pertinent inconveniences at stake, many people refuse to mess with their windows. It’s easier to run the A/C and keep the shades drawn. The tradeoff is that people end up feeling separated from the outdoors. But we’re on a mission to change that.

Update the Home with Decorative Window Film

Decorative window tint is a practical, cost-effective solution to common window problems. It provides an array of benefits when applied to glass surfaces such as protection from UV radiation, privacy and reduced energy consumption. But unlike other types of window film, decorative window tint is exactly that – decorative.

There are decorative films available in patterns and shades galore so you can find a style that matches your needs. Want something floral to dress up your living room? You got it. How about a bright pattern that looks like stained glass? That’s available, too. Or maybe you want something subtle with a hint of color? Not a problem.

Benefits of Decorative Solar Tinting

AZ Glass Tinting is an authorized SOLYX dealer and has worked with many residential and commercial customers to improve the look and feel of their homes and workplaces. Through decorative window tinting, the following can be accomplished:

  • More natural light is brought into the workplace, improving productivity
  • Rooms are made to look bigger and brighter
  • Tenants can bring their own decorative style to the home without causing permanent damage
  • Windows are transformed to look like stained glass, floral patterns and frosted designs
  • Color is brought into the room, ideal for kids’ spaces, dens and hobby rooms
  • Privacy is enhanced
  • Indoor surfaces and belongings are protected from fading

Decorative window film is an excellent way to upgrade the appearance of the home without doing major work or shelling out a ton of money. Because of this, they are highly recommended by interior designers and contractors, and they are a great choice for tenants and business owners who are renting out a space. These window films can be removed just as easily as they are installed, allowing for effortless updates over time.

Why cover your windows when you could have decorative window film?

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