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Renting out a home comes with many advantages. Typically, the cost of rent is cheaper than purchasing a home, so renters can enjoy a nice place to live while saving up for something else. Renters are also not responsible for typical homeowner costs such as a leaky roof, faulty appliances or a broken water heater. Renting also grants people the flexibility they need when exploring new jobs or places to live. But there’s one major drawback: limitations in making the home your own.

Window Film Gives Renters Added Flexibility

Many renters complain that they can’t do anything to the place they’re renting because they’re only there temporarily, and their landlord may be strict on what changes can be made. Renters are limited on what they can do, so they often hold back from painting the walls or even hanging a lot of artwork. At the same time, it’s normal to want a place that feels like your own.

Luckily, more renters are finding that window film gives them some of the decorating power they’re looking for. Window film can be easily installed on any window, reducing glare and heat gain, blocking UV rays and adding privacy. This is especially helpful in older homes where the windows may not be efficient.

Signs You Can Benefit from Window Tinting

Say you move into a new rental and find that the windows are drafty. Or perhaps you’re paying high utility bills because you can’t keep the home balanced and comfortable. You may notice hot spots around the windows that make it difficult to sit by them. In these cases, window film can be a saving grace. Your landlord probably doesn’t want to replace the windows right now, but you have every right to be comfortable.

It’s also possible that you may not like the windows in your rental, even though they may be efficient. Solar window film can make the place look more stylish and sophisticated. Many types of decorative window film are available such as frosted styles and stained glass. You can easily incorporate any color, pattern or texture into the home without causing any damage to the windows.

When it’s time to move, the film can be uninstalled just as quickly as it was installed. There’s no extra work or cleaning for you or your landlord.

If you’re currently renting out a property but want to make the home more comfortable and decorated to your taste, consider the many benefits that decorative window film has to offer.

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