Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Solar Window Film

Big windows are a luxury for today’s homeowners. Modern homes are being built with open floor plans, high ceilings and large windows to give the illusion that the home is big, bright and spacious. And it certainly pays off. When walking into a home with abundant windows, it feels clean, open and airy and shows […]

5 Reasons to Install Solar Window Film in Baby’s Nursery

If you have a young child in the home, you know all too well what naptimes and bedtimes are like. Though every parent hopes that their child will be one of the lucky ones that goes to bed on demand, this is a very rare scenario. But, there are things you can do to help […]

Heading to Yuma

Sounds like the Public Works Dept. in Yuma has some atrium windows that need window film. I’ve seen pictures of the windows and there are around 200 windows that make up there ceiling of glass. We will need lifts and scaffolding for this job. Will keep you posted. Pictures on the way.

Outside Weatherable Films- SO COOL!

OMG- Just installed the Stainless Steal 15 window film on my two office windows. Night and day difference. There is literally zero heat coming thru the windows!!! Exposure is due west on these windows and its 113 degree’s.  Unbelievable performance. This is the wave of the future….

Make Your Valuables Less Prone to Sun Fading

Most homeowners will notice that over time, the materials and pictures in their homes fade. Since the process is gradual, most people don’t realize it has occurred until the material is a completely different color. Just about everything in the home is subject to sun fading including furniture, art objects, curtains and other materials in […]

How is Security Window Film Different from Traditional Film?

When shopping for solar film for your home or business, you’ll find a number of options available to you. Two of these options are traditional window film and security window film. You may be wondering what the differences between these two types of films are and which one is best suited for your needs. Luckily, […]

7 Effortless Ways to Lower Your Summer Energy Bill

No one enjoys getting their electric bill in the mail, especially in the summer. When the temperatures heat up, so do the final numbers on your statement. The hot temperatures don’t just require you to run your AC more often, but also they force your system to run harder. Wouldn’t it be nice if you […]

Overlooked Benefits of Green Buildings

Green buildings offer many benefits to their employees and the community such as reduced utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint and lower water and energy consumption. Interestingly, these benefits only tell half the story. According to research from Ernst & Young and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, there are many overlooked benefits of […]

How to Choose Window Tint for Your Home

If you’re in the market for residential window tint, you are probably curious as to which product is best and how to go about choosing the right one for your home. Though there are differences among window film, your best bet is to go with a dealer that offers a variety of films from trusted […]

4 Signs You Need Solar Window Film in Your Life

Solar window film is a sensible product that is designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Yet many people don’t realize that such a product exists. Or if they do, they think that window film is simply a peel-and-stick product with a short lifespan. The truth is that solar tinting is a dependable, […]