Make Your Valuables Less Prone to Sun Fading

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Most homeowners will notice that over time, the materials and pictures in their homes fade. Since the process is gradual, most people don’t realize it has occurred until the material is a completely different color. Just about everything in the home is subject to sun fading including furniture, art objects, curtains and other materials in front of large windows, sliding doors and skylights.

It’s not just the fading of fabrics and photos that can happen over time, but also weakened structural components and the deterioration of less sturdy materials like plastics. So while fading on fabrics may be annoying, weakened structures can lead to bigger problems. What’s the culprit of all this fading? The sun.

The problem is even more exasperated these days because more homeowners are opting for large windows that make their homes brighter. Large window openings and skylights grace the home with beautiful views, plenty of light and a more open feeling, but it also comes with a set of problems. When lots of sun pours into the home, it causes overheating, glare and damage to household materials.

How Can I Prevent Fading?

Fortunately, there are various products on the market that can prevent fading, especially for your most precious family treasures. For example, there is non-glare glass that can be used for artwork and photographs. The glass is of a much higher quality than traditional glass frames and will protect treasures from fading and UV damage. You can also invest in a quality set of thermal curtains that block out the sun and UV rays. The only catch: be prepared for a dark home.

A better option that homeowners are learning about is solar window film. This film is applied to the windows and blocks UV rays, reduces heat gain and glare and protects fabrics and materials from fading. Best of all, the investment is affordable and protects the entire home, unlike buying museum-quality glass that only protects an individual picture. Window film also allows homeowners to leave their windows open, taking advantage of the natural sunlight and great views that could have very well sold them on the home.

If you’re concerned about fading, warping, discoloration and weakened structural components, window tinting is an effective solution that deals with the problem, plus protects your own health.

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