Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Solar Window Film

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Big windows are a luxury for today’s homeowners. Modern homes are being built with open floor plans, high ceilings and large windows to give the illusion that the home is big, bright and spacious. And it certainly pays off. When walking into a home with abundant windows, it feels clean, open and airy and shows off the views of a beautiful backyard or landscape.

Large windows are preferable in most rooms of the home, including bathrooms. Rather than having a small, crowded bathroom, more homeowners are opting for large, open bathrooms that have airy windows. The only problem: it can impact privacy.

Privacy is very important in bathrooms for obvious reasons. But at the same time, it’s nice to allow some light to come through. Is there a way that you can create a happy medium with both natural sunlight and privacy? There is!

Privacy Screens and Blinds

Privacy screens can be easily installed over the windows, and the slats allow natural sunlight to come through. There are a number of privacy screens available, so you can choose a pattern and color that fits your style.

You can also go the traditional route and hang blinds or curtains over the windows. It may get annoying to constantly open and close the blinds, however, so you may find it best to keep the blinds angled so that people can’t see into the bathroom but you can still see out.

While both options do offer a sense of privacy, they will impact the amount of sunlight that comes through and they won’t help with fading, UV exposure or heat gain.

Privacy Films

There is another option available that many homeowners often forget about: privacy window film. Privacy film is easily applied to the interior of the windows and comes in frosted and shaded styles. Also available are different transparencies and light transmissions so that you can achieve various degrees of privacy. Not all bathroom windows require the same privacy.

With privacy window film, you also get the following advantages: temperature control and reduced heat gain, glare, fading and UV exposure. Plus, you can give your bathroom a look of elegance and sophistication with frosted privacy films. It’s the win-win solution if you want a bright, open bathroom with natural light while still providing you and your guests with privacy.

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