UVA Rays Indoors May Be Harmful For Children

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The nonprofit organization, International Window Film Association (IWFA), conducted a new survey regarding children and harmful UVA rays. What they found sheds light on how little we actually know about UV rays and how they can affect us both indoors and outdoors.

According to the new survey, more than 12 million Americans have children who may be receiving unsafe levels of ultraviolet rays. Where these children are picking up the harmful rays is most surprising. It’s not at the beach. It’s not at the local swimming pool. It’s not in their backyards. It’s from sitting next to unprotected windows.

Glass Does NOT Protect Against UVA Rays

UVA rays pass through glass, so it’s easy to get this exposure even when you’re in the comfort and security of your home. Research shows that UVA rays are harmful and penetrate through the skin, causing significant damage and raising the risk of skin cancer. And just as you run the risk of getting sunburn on a cloudy day, the same is true when you’re indoors, too. The sun’s rays can still pass through unprotected windows and damage the skin.

A Lifetime of Sun Exposure

Children are of a particular concern not just because they are young but also because they are being exposed to harmful UVA rays from the start of their life. If this exposure begins at such a young age, it means the damage cannot be reversed. There have been cases where people have suffered sun damage on one side of their face because of working next to a window, so imagine how much sun you could be receiving throughout your lifetime, especially when living in a sunny, warm climate like Arizona.

Window Film Offers Year-Round Protection

Unless you’re prepared to put sunscreen on yourself and your kids every morning, the best defense you have at protecting your family is solar window film. This film can be used in both homes and businesses, and it blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Plus, you don’t have to do anything special with it. It doesn’t need to be activated like drapes or curtains. It allows you to enjoy bright, sunny days, and it prevents fading and heat gain. In fact, you’ll see monthly savings on your home’s cooling costs.

To help consumers become more aware of the dangers of UV rays in the home and what they can do to protect themselves, the IWFA has an interactive website as well as videos and booklets that can be viewed for free. Check them out and share them with loved ones – window film can protect your children and save a life!

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