Will Window Film Kill My Indoor Plants?

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If you’re thinking about having window film installed in your home or office, you’re probably most excited about the temperature control, reduced glare and sun protection. All the UV blocking power is great for preventing hot spots, reducing fading and protecting your skin. But what if your space is home to indoor plants that need to soak up the sun to survive? Can you still enjoy these houseplants with window film applied?

Some Plants Need Adjusting

You’ll be happy to know that most plants will do just fine with window film. As long as the plants are getting enough light, the solar film shouldn’t affect them at all. But, it is possible that the plants will notice the change and have a brief adjustment period. For instance, the plants may go into a state of shock as they adjust to their new conditions. It’s also possible that new growth or flowering could be stalled. After a few days of adjustment, your plants should be just fine.

Some Plants Do Better

Interestingly, some indoor plants actually do better with window film applied. If you notice that some are wilted by the end of the day, they will actually thrive better with window tinting. Wilting is a sign that the plant is getting too much sun. Thanks to solar film, heat is reflected and harmful sun rays are blocked, so your plants will require less watering. They may also keep their pretty flowers longer.

Know Your Plants

If you’re concerned about how your plants will hold up to the transition, move them to a darker area before having solar film installed and see how they adjust. You can also contact your local nursery or research the plants online to see how well they can survive with less sunlight. In general, darker plants respond better to the transition because they need less sunlight than lighter colored plants.

To put your fears to rest, consider that some plant experts have installed all grades, tints and thicknesses of window film on their windows and have studied the impact on plants. What they’ve found is that solar film has no noticeable effect on houseplants, and that many plants actually do better. Armed with this information, you can now make an informed decision about whether solar tinting is right for you.

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