Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Rental Property

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If you own several rental properties, it’s important to keep them updated and in good condition so that you never have a property sit too long. Also, the better maintenance you provide, the more you can charge for rent and hopefully bring in a strong caliber of renters as well. But it’s not just the interior of your properties that matter. The exterior is what prospective renters will see in online pictures or when driving by.

Let’s discuss some inexpensive ways that you can improve your rental properties and make more from your investment.

Outdoor Landscape

Renters today look for move-in ready homes, which are just as they sound. They are in good condition and ready to be moved into without requiring any major repairs or improvements. Take the time to improve the outdoor landscape by mowing the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, planting fresh flowers, installing edging around vulnerable areas, having the driveway sealed and checking the lighting.

Exterior Painting

Is the paint chipping or flaking around the doors or windows? Are the shutters faded and worn? If so, it’s time to refresh the property with a fresh coat of paint. This is the fastest way to boost the home’s curb appeal and give it a stand-out impression in the neighborhood. Choose neutral colors that anyone would like such as shades of white, cream or brown.

Window Film

If the home is older and has less efficient windows, window film is a wonderful way to improve their efficiency. Solar film will make the home more comfortable, reduce glare and fading and even protect tenants from UV sun damage. This is a huge selling point for today’s families, and they’ll be happy to know that they can save money off their monthly utility bills.

You’ll also appreciate the added security that window film provides, as certain types of film hold the glass intact and deter burglaries and robberies. Other films have a more decorative nature and can provide tenants with added privacy and style.

When you’re ready to have window tinting installed, call the professionals from AZ Glass Tinting. Our professionals will help you select the best film for your needs while being conscious of your budget.

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