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Having a sun room built onto your home is a wonderful investment that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually step outside. This is particularly nice in warm states like Arizona where it’s often too hot to sit outside comfortably. With a sun room, you can enjoy the sun and the view without getting overheated.

You may have noticed, however, that all the windows in a sun room can make the space less comfortable. Some of the reasons include:


  • Glare: You may see a glare on the television or computer, or you may have to strain your eyes to read a book or do a crossword puzzle. This happens because the light comes through the window at different angles and intensities throughout the day. When the light hits just right, it creates a glare.



  • Fading: When the sun’s rays penetrate through glass, they fade items like wall hangings, window treatments, area rugs and wood furniture. If you’ve invested in quality furniture for your sun room, beware. It may be ten shades lighter one day due to all the fading.



  • Skin Damage: Only some rays are blocked by glass, which means the others are penetrating through and reaching your skin. If you enjoy having your morning coffee in the sun room and spending your afternoon there, you’re getting more exposure than you’re aware of.



  • High Energy Costs: A lot of windows, especially large ones, make it difficult to control the temperature in the home. Warm air escapes in the winter and cool air escapes in the summer. Hotspots are also common. Since covering up the windows wouldn’t do a sun room any justice, most people just deal with high energy costs.


Solar Window Film for Sun rooms

Solar window tinting is used on all types of windows – homes, businesses and vehicles. For sun rooms, it’s especially important. Window film will eliminate glare, prevent fading and protect your skin from sun damage. It also creates added privacy, increases home security and saves on energy costs. With a nice range of colors and styles available, you can choose a film that adds a decorative touch to your sun room.

You may be concerned about how much light the film will block, but rest assured that solar film can offer all the above benefits while letting in almost all natural light. This means you get to enjoy your sun room as it was meant to be without having to worry about any of the harmful effects from increased sun exposure.

Talk to a dealer about which options will be best for your sun room. With professional installation and a long lifespan, this is one investment you’ll be glad to make!

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