Window Film: Safe For Double Pane Windows

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When your windows are left untreated, there are many issues to deal with such as heat, glare and fading. You’ve probably looked into solutions for managing these issues such as blinds, drapes and awnings. While these window treatments can help manage heat gain, glare and sun damage, they can also be costly and tedious. Plus, keeping your windows covered with heavy drapes or curtains takes away the beauty of your windows.


With the benefits of energy efficiency, heat reduction and enhanced privacy and security, more homeowners are considering window film for their windows. But one question that continues to linger is whether or not window film is safe for double pane windows. It would be devastating to learn that the windows you paid so much for were ruined because of solar film.


Thankfully, this isn’t the case, and you can rest assured that window film is 100% safe for your windows.


Modern Window Film Safe for Double Pane Windows


The concern over solar film on insulated windows is warranted. Years ago, window film sometimes did cause double pane glass to break. Double pane windows are unique because they are sealed with a space in between that is typically filled with gas. When old, outdated window films were applied, they would absorb heat, and the heat would get trapped between the two panes. The heat would then cause the seal to break and the glass to shatter.


Luckily, today’s modern films will not cause this to happen, so you can dispel these rumors for good. Modern solar film is completely safe for double pane windows, but it’s still important to consult with a professional. There are some types of window film that should not be applied to double pane windows, but these products are clearly labeled. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask an expert, be mindful of your circumstances and opt for professional installation.


Solar Film Backed by Warranties


In general, most types of window film are safe for your windows. When they are installed professionally, you get the peace of mind knowing that they are applied correctly and come with a warranty. For instance, Panorama window films warranty window seal failures and stress fractures. This is important because most window manufacturers will void their warranty after window film is applied. Fortunately, solar film manufacturers will take over the warranty if anything does occur.


To learn more about window film and which options are best for your insulated windows, please contact AZ Glass Tinting.

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