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Protecting your business is one of your top priorities. Anything that you can do to safeguard your assets is worth considering, which is why more business owners are taking the initiative to learn about security window film. AZ Glass Tinting carries top brands of security window film that protect some of the most safety-intensive facilities on the planet: the Pentagon, the FBI Building and the Department of Energy. Luckily, you can give your business the same protection with security solar film.

How is Security Window Film Different?

Security window film offers all the benefits of traditional solar film, yet with one important difference: it catches the glass as it shatters. The film is very strong and difficult to tear, which means that burglars can’t get into your business if they try to break in through a window. Windows are the most vulnerable entry points to a home or business, after all.

Protection for Employees

Security window film not only makes it difficult for someone to break into your business and steal your merchandise or sensitive information, but also it protects employees. Shattered glass is a hazard and can harm people in a number of ways. Someone can walk over to the window and step on the glass, or it could fly and hit someone in the eye. If any of your staff becomes injured on the job, you will be liable for the injuries. Security window film prevents this from happening.

Protection for your Intellectual Property

The Armorcoat line of security film has an additional benefit: protection of your intellectual property. This security film puts up an invisible wall that protects your company from having sensitive information intercepted from wireless networks. These days, criminals don’t necessarily have to break through a glass window to steal the things they’re looking for.

Running a business is hard enough work, you don’t need to be worrying about how you’re going to protect your business 24 hours a day. With security window film, you can give your business all of the benefits of solar film – UV protection, temperature control, energy efficiency – plus the security it needs to thrive.

To learn more about commercial security window film and how it can make your workplace safer, call AZ Glass Tinting at 623-780-4950.


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