Decorative Window Film: a Whole New Look For Your Home

Hi! It’s Debbie with AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting. Today I’m writing about the one element of our business that I’m absolutely obsessed with –  decorative window film.

I’m one of those people who like to change things up in their living environment fairly often. I buy duvet covers instead of comforters; you can get a few duvet covers for the cost of one comforter. If you have one nice down blanket and a few duvet covers you can change the look of your bedroom fairly easily, quickly, and inexpensively. I put the down blanket inside the cover in the winter, and then take it out and just use the cover alone in the summer. It’s also easy to change the look of a room by changing or adding accessories, like pillows, wall art, picture frames, etc. It’s not always necessary to spend a fortune and a lot of time changing everything in a room just because you’re bored with the look.

Until I started working at AZ Solar Control Window Tinting, I wasn’t really even aware that Decorative Window Film existed. I’m sure I’ve seen windows that have been done with decorative film, but they didn’t really register on my radar. Then I was hired here, and became really impressed with them. I’ll admit, most of the calls we get on a regular basis are from customers who have some sort of privacy issue…..their homebuilder didn’t plan well and has a window in their bathroom looking into their next door neighbor’s bathroom, etc. We’ve had some glass doors that have turned out beautifully, and glass shower enclosures really lend themselves to this type of treatment.

KITCHEN CABINETSBut where my mind went, immediately, was to things more suited to my single, apartment living lifestyle. I’m not going to have my whole apartment painted, or have new flooring installed……but I will have decorative window film installed on a glass wall, or have it applied to my shower to spice up the bathroom. But my dream project is to have glass fronted cabinets in my kitchen. Then I would be able to completely change the look of my kitchen whenever the mood struck me.

Decorative window film is removable and reusable. It comes with the adhesive backing already in place. I’ve seen the different window film jobs that we’ve had to go out and redo, and it always seems to be a situation where the customer tried to install the film themselves….so I do know enough to make sure that I have my film professionally installed….which  means I would have a warranty as well. When I have my film professionally installed I’m assured that it will stay where I want it until I want to change it out, and also that I’ll be able to remove and replace it when the time comes. Even professionally installed, decorative window film is still a very affordable option.

thumbs_ikea-cabinet-2b thumbs_ikea-cabinet-3bI’ve recently found a whole line of IKEA cabinets with glass fronts. I’m not sure if they’re meant to be used in the kitchen or bedroom, but they would work really well as a large armoire in a bedroom….one more room that can be personalized and improved with decorative window film!!

The decorative window films that are available today are absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure that you would be able to find the perfect film for any type of home improvement project you may have. The patterns and colors are almost limitless. Decorative window films can be as subtle as a light translucent frost, or as vivid as a stained glass look. I have a wide variety of moods, and so far there has never been a time when I haven’t been able to find exactly what I was looking for. Give AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting a call at (480) 730-6566 from the East Valley, and (623) 780-4950 from the Central or West Valley. Tom Vanderhoof, our owner, will talk with you about your design needs and help you get your project off the drawing board and into your home!!