Solar Window Film is a Year Round Solution

Window Tinting on curved wall

Solar window films are known for their ability to cut down on heat and glare, making them a popular investment in the summertime. We have been in business for 30 years and receive the majority of our calls for solar window film leading up to the summer months, especially in AZ where summers are practically […]

Decorative Film Offers a Subtle & Classy Solution for Businesses & Home Owners

Office walkway frosted glass door

Decorative window film is an amazing solution for businesses or residential property owners looking to update and personalize their space. Decorative film helps you put a decorative touch on your property to your liking without breaking the bank. It’s a functional solution that is both durable enough to last and flexible enough that you can remove it easily […]

How Does Solar Film Work?

  How does solar film work? Solar radiation creates sun rays we can see and those that we can feel. Unprotected windows let both the sun rays we can see and those that we can feel through which can become a huge problem. The goal with solar film is to reduce the amount of harmful […]

Function and Safety

When clients call us for window films its typically for three reasons: to reduce heat, to save on their electric bill, and for security. Well luckily, solar window film can fix all three concerns with one product. There are so many options that you can choose that increase function and improve security in your home […]

The Pros & Considerations of Solar Window Film

Large home with lots of windows

Solar window film isn’t new, its a product that has been around for decades. It’s made huge strides since the mirrored film days and now it comes in a large variety of options to suit every clients different needs. Solar film has evolved to offer essentially transparent options, as well as decorative films that come […]