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Solar window film isn’t new, its a product that has been around for decades. It’s made huge strides since the mirrored film days and now it comes in a large variety of options to suit every clients different needs. Solar film has evolved to offer essentially transparent options, as well as decorative films that come in different designs and even colors. Just because window film has come a long way since the beginning, that doesn’t mean its the best product for you and your home. To help you make the right decision, here’s some things to consider.

The Cost:

Investing in solar films is a rather low investment in comparison to other options. The best part is it’s a one time investment. There’s no monthly service fees or huge start up costs. The cost for the film varies depending on the product you select and the size of your windows. You can buy the films direct and self-install for a lower cost, but you run the risk of mistakes and ruining the film if it’s not properly installed. Professional installation is the preferred option because it provides a quality installation and is done correctly the first time.

The Installation:

Installing window films is a pretty easy process for the professional who knows what he/she is doing. The selected product is cut down to size to custom fit your windows perfectly. After the film is cut to the appropriate size, it will be installed either on the inside or outside of the window depending on what the client is looking to achieve. At AZ Glass Tinting, we use a soap and water based solution to properly install the film ensuring that there will be no damage to your windows. The installer will make sure that there are no bubbles or defects left behind.

Benefits of Window Film:

Just as easily as solar window film is installed, it can be removed without complications. The easy install and easy removal are perfect for clients who do not want a permanent fix. Window films provide an instant solution to concerns such as heat and glare. They also cut down energy costs and provide an immediate return on investment. As soon as the product is installed, you will notice a wonderful difference. Additionally some companies like AZ Glass Tinting also provide warranties on their products.

Common Hesitations:

Some people may choose not to invest in solar films for a few different reasons. One being that they are concerned with voiding a warranty they may have on their current windows. It’s best to check with your warranty company or your builder to find out if there is any risk of voiding a warranty by installing solar films. Most of the time, this is not the case since a solar film is applied over the window and does not compromise the structural integrity. Plus, the warranty we provide at AZ Glass Tinting will provide outstanding coverage on the window once the film is applied. One other hesitation that may arise is whether or not solar films may drastically reduce light and make the room appear dull or dark. Luckily we provide our clients with samples to make sure they are happy with the product they select. If you ever change your mind after the installation, we can remove the films with no issues.

Hopefully that got you thinking about the advantages and benefits of solar window films. They are a wonderfully affordable option to improve the efficiency and value in your residence.

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