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When clients call us for window films its typically for three reasons: to reduce heat, to save on their electric bill, and for security.

Well luckily, solar window film can fix all three concerns with one product. There are so many options that you can choose that increase function and improve security in your home or office. No one likes to imagine their home or business being the target to a burglary but it’s always a possibility. Just like natural disasters, we have absolutely no control over whether or not they will happen. The best thing for us to do is to be proactive instead of reactive. By installing window film you are creating one more barrier between you and disaster, and increasing your protection. The film adheres to the window and improves the structural integrity of the glass. It’s a high quality product that will put up an invisible armor to keep you and those belongings safe.

After the film is installed, you can relax knowing that your home or office is that much more secure. Window film protects against shattering and breakage. In the event that a window is impacted in any way, the film will hold the shattered glass together. Thankfully the glass will not become a safety hazard as the film acts as a shield to reduce airborne fragments that could lead to serious injury. The strong film makes it much more difficult to get into your home or office through the windows.  Knowing you have that additional protection against window penetration offers that peace of mind.

Window films offer security at a great price with the added bonus of improving the look of your home or office. Most films are nearly invisible to the human eye. They seamlessly blend in with the window and surroundings. By installing window films, it eliminates the need for those unsightly security and burglar bars that were used in the past. So go ahead, make your home or office inviting and safe by getting a quote today.

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For 30 years, AZ Glass Tinting has been improving lives with exceptional window films. We work with home builders, interior designers, property management teams, glass companies, building engineers and homeowners on all aspects of window tinting and film. We work on both Residential and Commercial projects.

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