How Does Solar Film Work?

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How does solar film work?

Solar radiation creates sun rays we can see and those that we can feel. Unprotected windows let both the sun rays we can see and those that we can feel through which can become a huge problem. The goal with solar film is to reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays that create excess heat, are dangerous to humans through exposure, and damage property due to fading and warping. Solar film works similarly to auto tinting. The adhesive film creates a barrier that blocks out the majority of those nasty UV rays keeping yourself and your property safe. The amount of heat and UV rays it prevents from coming through depends on which product you select.

Each film serves a specific purpose. For example, our most common film known as SYDS-25 provides a clean and natural appearance. It does not take away from the view but provides the client with great protection against UV rays. It blocks out 67% of the sun’s energy offering a cooler and more comfortable environment for the property owner. Additionally since the solar film blocks out so much of the sun’s energy, the energy costs will decrease reducing your monthly payment. This product blocks over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays reducing damage to your furniture and other belongings. Like SYDS-25, we have other products that offer similar specs with small variations in light and energy transmittance. Although there are several products with different variations, they all share a similar goal which is to protect your property and your belongings. Cost savings is an added bonus!

In the summer time when electric bills can soar, having solar film means that you are saving. Reducing the amount of heat coming into the building can decrease costs associated with trying to keep the building cool. Often we need to crank the AC to feel any relief from the sun’s energy in the summer. With solar films we are able to reduce heat by blocking the sun’s energy out eliminating that need to crank the AC on full blast and in turn saving money. Don’t make your AC unit work harder than it has to! The film works as an insulator which helps keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. Solar films provide function and comfort that is worth every penny!

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