Decorative Film Offers a Subtle & Classy Solution for Businesses & Home Owners

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Decorative window film is an amazing solution for businesses or residential property owners looking to update and personalize their space. Decorative film helps you put a decorative touch on your property to your liking without breaking the bank. It’s a functional solution that is both durable enough to last and flexible enough that you can remove it easily if needed.

Whether you have some conference rooms you would like to improve privacy on or you would like to add a logo to your store to help improve your brand, decorative film is the perfect choice for you.


Like other solar window films, decorative film can provide both privacy through cutting down on visibility from the outside in and improve function by reducing heat and glare. The best part of choosing decorative film is the ability to customize the film to fit your needs and your space. Some companies install window film with the intent to help inspire their employees and help produce an inviting work space for their teams. This can be done with any of the following options in decorative window film.

Some of the options include frosts, patterns, specialty films, and textured films. All of which can be customized to your exact design expectations. The frosts are great at reducing visibility from the outside into your office or conference room with a subtle and tasteful touch. We see these a lot on conference room windows or on glass cubicle windows to produce a level of privacy for the employees inhabiting it.

Patterned film comes in a vast variety of choices for you. This product already offers a large choice of designs you can select from to customize your space and bring some beauty to your home or office. The catalogs offer many choices to help your add your personal touch to your space.

Specialty films offer additional benefits like cutting out on glare, reducing heat, customizing a logo, or adding a touch of color.  This is probably the most personal option for a client who wants to have a greater influence on the product. Companies often approach us looking to place their logo on their shop windows to get their brand name out there and visible for their consumers. We can do that for you! We will create a custom film that has your logo either frosted or in color to compliment your space.

Finally are the textured films. Just like frosted films, these are designed to provide a little bit of privacy with class. Textured films simulate textured glass to provide a beautiful and functional addition to your home or office.

Decorative film is easily installed and durable to last a long time. Put your own spin on your space and customize it with AZ Glass Tinting. We are experts in the industry and offer the best in quality in both our products and our service. We’re a company you can trust! If you’re considering decorative window film, please call us for a quote.

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