How Much Do I Really Save With Solar Window Films?

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We hear about cost savings all the time in regards to solar window films. But how much of a savings are we looking at?

According to the US Department of Energy, the average home contains windows that occupy 15% of the space. That means 15% of your home is allowing the sun’s energy to enter your residence causing hot spots and glare. The more that the sun’s energy comes through, the greater the need for your air conditioner to work that much harder to neutralize the temperature in the home. Vista Films suggests that the average home owner wastes about $63 dollars a month on energy loss. That amount adds up quickly. That’s roughly $700 a year of wasted money. Installing solar window films reduces UV ray access by about 99% and the sun’s energy by about 67%.

If installing solar films could reduce your energy by about 50% would you install them? According to Vista Films, their study suggests that solar window films can provide a savings of up to 50% on your electric bill. What about reducing the heating bill in the winter time and improving comfort year round? Would you consider installing solar window films? Most people can’t pass up that savings. Why suffer with excess heat and stop fiddling with that temperature gauge on the AC unit. The film decreases the amount of sun and heat that can get into your residence helping to maintain that comfort in your home. Even a few degrees can make all the difference in the world. Reducing the temperature in your home by a few degrees can save you possibly hundreds throughout the year. Not only are we talking about reducing heat, but solar window films also reduce glare and helps to improve the insulation abilities of your home. By covering those windows that make up about 15% of your home, you’re really making a difference for everyone living there. Keep the cool air in during the summer and the warm air from escaping during the winter. With all the benefits, solar window films really start to pay for themselves.

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