Solar Window Films on Skylights and Decorative Doors

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Window film is a product that offers a number of possibilities to the customer. Whether it’s for your home or business, solar window film is a versatile product that helps reduce heat and glare. Many customers call us complaining about the amount of scorching sunlight that beats down on them through their windows throughout the day. The excess heat and horrible glare make the room essentially unbearable. By applying solar window film the customer will find heat reduction, lower UV rays, more comfortable climate inside their house or business, and less glare.

The best part about solar window films is that they provide an immediate solution to the customer. They will sense a noticeable difference immediately after the film is applied. The room will be more comfortable and the films won’t impede any view. Most people think solar window film can only be installed on your typical square or rectangular windows. However, film can be cut down to size to fit and customized to meet your needs.

For the client with the large ornate iron door with the beautiful full length window, we can help. Installing window film on this window is absolutely possible and a great option for you to reduce that sun throughout the day. For the client with the skylight that makes that wonderful bathroom a furnace, we can help. We can install solar window film to skylights to reduce the amount of heat without diluting the beautiful natural light from entering the room. For the customer with the garage door with a bunch of tiny little glass decorative windows, we can take care of that too. We have done countless installs on garage door windows that send that hot sun right into the garage. Window film and tint can help reduce that overpowering sun from getting in every day. Finally, for the client with the vintage french doors that wants to reduce the heat and light without ruining the glass, we can help. Window film can be cut down to fit each of those tiny little windows and goes on easily without damaging your windows. The film is applied with a solution and adheres to the glass without causing any damage to the windows or door frame.

Window film isn’t just for those large rectangular windows in your home or office, it’s for any area of glass that you would like to update and improve. We can help you cut down on the immense light that breaches those windows and makes that room so uncomfortable. We can help you personalize your space and create a comfortable environment for everyone in it. Give us a call and let us know what windows are giving you trouble. We can install tint to practically any space and we will help you find the perfect product just for you. After 30 years in the industry, we are the experts and promise to offer you a quality product and amazing service for a great price! Call us for a quote today.

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