Added Security for Your Home with Security Window Film

Whether you live in a wealthy neighborhood or a more typical neighborhood, all homeowners are at risk for glass breakage. Glass breakage can occur from vandalism, burglary, or from the forces of mother nature. We often get asked “how can we protect ourselves?” from our customers. As entrepreneurs in the window film and glass industry, […]

The Winter is a Great Time to Install Solar Window Films

Glass Wall with window tinting

Fall weather is absolutely beautiful in Arizona. It’s nice to have it cool down after such hot and miserable summer months. After the fall, comes the winter and even in Arizona it can get pretty darn cold. Keeping your house warm can be costly and difficult. Having to run the heater all winter is so […]

Choose a Company Who Cares & Takes Pride in Your Home Like You Do

Solar window films and tint have always been around on commercial properties. I’m sure if you have gone to a doctors office or a store front you have seen that their windows are tinted. Most companies do so to make the environment more comfortable for their customers and employees. Tinting the windows allows them to […]

Dual Pane or Low E Windows? Not a Problem.

We get calls every day from customers who are looking to cut down on the heat and glare in their home. Most of them have already done some research on their options and come to us with some knowledge about the product as well as some concerns regarding their windows. We are happy that our […]