Dual Pane or Low E Windows? Not a Problem.

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We get calls every day from customers who are looking to cut down on the heat and glare in their home. Most of them have already done some research on their options and come to us with some knowledge about the product as well as some concerns regarding their windows. We are happy that our customers found us while researching their options, but sometimes their research strikes up concerns that scare them away from appropriate solutions. The internet isn’t always right. That’s where we come in. As experts in the industry, we are able to provide valuable information and the facts to our customers so they can be better educated about their options. The two most common concerns we are approached with are “will solar film be safe for my dual pane windows?” or “will installing solar film void my warranty on my windows?’ We are always happy to answer those questions and address additional concerns with our clients.

With new technology, we are seeing better products and more available choices that can address concerns on almost any type of window. Whether your windows are old, new, dual pane or low e, we can help. Most houses these days are built with low e and/or dual pane windows. Because of this we get the question “is it safe for my windows” quite often. Now some films are safe and others are not. Fracturing and glass breakage can occur if the wrong film is applied to the window. That’s why having a company you trust is very important in making the right decision for you and your home. These energy efficient windows do help consumers save some money on their energy bills, but they don’t offer all the benefits solar window film can provide. We can apply a film to dual pane and/or low e windows that will not only reduce heat and glare, but also eliminate most of those harmful UV rays protecting your family and protecting your property from warping and sun damage.

Will applying window film void my warranty? This question almost always follows the first. Now some manufacturers consider any improvements, such as window film, as a means to void your warranty. Don’t be too worried though as most companies like us offer our own warranties. Our warranty is often better than the original warranty provided by the window company. AZ Solar Control offers a lifetime warranty on window tinting that lasts usually between 12-15 years and protects against damage and deterioration to the film itself. In addition to the warranty on the window film, we also provide most of our clients with glass coverage as well. This means that we warranty your glass for around 5 years protecting against breakage or fracture. Not too bad huh?

So why not call and get a quote? Get off the internet and get the information straight from the source. We can provide you with the facts and information you need to decide if window film is the right option for you. AZ Solar Control is a company you can trust. We have a solution for you no matter what type of windows you have in your home. Call today!

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