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Solar window films and tint have always been around on commercial properties. I’m sure if you have gone to a doctors office or a store front you have seen that their windows are tinted. Most companies do so to make the environment more comfortable for their customers and employees. Tinting the windows allows them to reduce the heat, light and glare from the blazing Arizona sun. Although we have been tinting windows in AZ for around 30 years, we have seen a big increase in residential properties getting window films. It seems like these days that solar window films are becoming more common among home owners.

Homeowners can now enjoy the same perks as commercial property owners. By installing the window film they will be reducing the amount of the sun’s energy that enters the room decreasing the heat gain from the hot sun. Reducing the heat will make their home more comfortable for everyone in it. Solar window films provide homeowners and business owners alike with energy savings decreasing their energy bills and saving them valuable money. No one likes it when they can’t see their TV because the glare is so bad. Solar window films reduce that glare and make it easier to do all the things you enjoy in your home.

We get the question all the time if the window film is going to be obvious. Homeowners don’t want to have an eyesore on or in their home. Luckily window films have come quite a ways and offer a number of choices that can satisfy any homeowner. Some homeowners want our typical solar film that lightly tints the windows but doesn’t obstruct the view, while others opt for a decorative film that is aesthetically pleasing but also very effective. When we get a customer who calls in and wants an estimate we meet them at their home and offer a free estimate and consultation with our tinting specialists.

AZ Glass Tinting has been in the business for around 30 years. Our sales team and installation team have done thousands of properties having extensive experience and knowledge that can put any homeowner at ease. During our free estimate and consultation, we will have an expert come out and do the measurements on the windows, bring some sample products and offer up his expert opinion on the best solution for you. We continue to receive wonderful feedback from our customers because we offer only the best products and exceptional quality service.

Some of our most common praises are how knowledgeable the team is and how precise they are during installation. Over the years, we have proven our expertise from houses to office building to even sports venues and stadiums. No job is too small and no job is too big. We can always offer our customers peace of mind because they know we have their best interests at heart with every suggestion we make. We aren’t one of those companies who are greedy, we will be honest with our customers and that’s what they really value in us. We will tell them if tinting a specific window is not a necessity even if it means we are losing money on the install. We want our customers to be happy with the results. We value their feedback and continue to try to improve as a company.

When you’re looking for solar window films, remember that the most important decision you can make is what company you choose. Choosing the wrong company because they were ten dollars cheaper could mean improper installation. Not every company warranties their work like we do. When you choose the right company you wont feel pressured, you will instead feel understood. We listen to your concerns and we will make decisions based upon what product provides the right solution for you. Feel free to read some of our testimonies from customers on our website. One thing that will stick out to you is how much our customers trusted us, how quickly we were able to get them on the schedule and how great our work turned out. We take our time and take pride in every installation. Call us today for a quote 623-780-4950. Contact a company you can trust!

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