Landlords, Increase Property Appeal with Solar Window Films

Are you a landlord looking to update your rental property to make it more appealing for renters? With so many rental properties on the market, you have to make your house stand out to renters searching for a new home. Renters these days are looking to save money and improve energy efficiency. Houses with solar […]

Looking to Restore and Improve Those Old Windows?

Arizona is full of history including some of the most spectacular historic homes. Old Town Glendale for example has some of the most magnificent older homes and most have been beautifully restored. However, older homes although beautiful come with some of their own challenges. One of the most common concerns we get from individuals who own […]

Fade Protection with Solar Window Film

When you spend a lot of money on your home decor, art work and furniture, you do so with the intention of it lasting a long long time. Unfortunately home decor, art work, and furniture are all at risk of fading or damage from regular sun and heat exposure through windows. Putting up curtains isn’t […]