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Arizona is full of history including some of the most spectacular historic homes. Old Town Glendale for example has some of the most magnificent older homes and most have been beautifully restored. However, older homes although beautiful come with some of their own challenges. One of the most common concerns we get from individuals who own older homes is “what can I do about these old windows?” Most people don’t have the money to replace all of their older windows in their home and are searching for a cost effective and easy solution.

Those old windows aren’t anywhere close to as efficient as the new low-e and energy efficient windows we see being installed on new homes. The integrity of older windows is always in question. How can we better the integrity of these old windows? How can we improve our structural integrity of the glass without breaking the bank? How can we improve the energy efficiency of our windows and lower our electric bill?

Of course there’s several options when it comes to those kind of concerns. First, the homeowner could replace the old windows which would improve integrity and slightly increase energy efficiency, but would be the most expensive and time consuming option of all. Another choice would be to get the windows restored and re-glazed to improve the windows while still maintaining the historic look. Again, this option would be pretty expensive and labor intensive. Plus not to mention that these home projects can become a big mess and a larger project than you anticipated rather quickly. So what’s the best solution? Believe it or not, window films.

Installing window films on older windows in an inexpensive and easy solution to improve the overall integrity of the glass. Window films are applied with a soft solution that triggers the activated adhesive and adheres directly to the glass. Each film is cut to match the exact shape and size of the window. It is applied from corner to corner to protect the glass and give a seamless look. The window film will not only protect the glass from cracks or breakage, but it will also reduce the heat & glare and those damaging UV rays from coming through the window. Why is this important? Old windows have glazing on them but as the windows age the glaze is less effective leaving the window more vulnerable. Protecting your windows with solar window film is the best way to go. Not only are you increasing the structural integrity but you are also meeting the other needs of saving time and money in the process.

If you’re looking to spruce up the place, we also offer decorative window film. A lot of our clients like the decorative window film on their older homes to give it even more appeal. It’s a great way to stretch your theme of your home even further. It’s a classy and effective solution for older windows. You can customize any space with the decorative window film. With so many styles and options, window film will provide you with the best option to update and reinforce your older windows. There’s a product for everyone! Let us help you find your best solution today. Call us for a more info and a quote at 6237804950.

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