The Common Misconceptions About Solar Window Film

The internet can be a valuable resource when you’re looking to research a product or service. However, not all sources are credible. A lot of our customers who did online research before talking with us about solar window film, came across some common misconceptions about the product that turned them off from the idea. We are here to set the … Read More

Why You Should Choose US

When you’re in the market for solar window films, you want to choose a company you can trust. You want someone who knows the industry and can give you expert advice on what products would be best for you. At AZ Solar Control, we have been in the business of solar window films for about 30 years. We do know … Read More

The Benefits of Window Film on Your Commercial Building

What are the benefits of installing window film on your commercial building? Saving Money: The cost to operate a business is astounding. Reducing costs any way you can will really help improve your bottom line and increase your profit margin. One way to decrease your energy expenses and operating costs is by installing solar window films. Solar window films reduce … Read More