Decorative Film Has Many Uses

Decorative window film can be used for a variety of purposes from sprucing up a room to decreasing heat from entering a space. However there are many other uses that you may not have thought of. Dividers Some offices are full of glass, including glass cubicles. Modern design loves an open feel to an office […]

Protect Your Business From the Outside

We got a call today about a former customer who had their store front broken into over the weekend. He was understandably upset but let us know how glad he was that he had window film installed on his store front windows. He told us the film kept the broken glass intact. Not a single […]

Custom Logos & Branding

Orthodontist office window tinting

Looking to spruce up your home or office? We can help. I know it’s surprising, but we don’t only do window tinting. We do all types of solar window film, not just the type used for heat, glare and privacy. Solar window films come in a variety of styles, textures and patterns. We can do […]

Why Solar Window Film is Worth the Investment

IRS Building Glass High rise

People often ask us what makes solar window film such a great investment? Sure, you ┬ámay have read something here or there that sparked your interest but why should you get solar window film installed? Well, we are here to tell you why it’s such a solid investment. Solar window film isn’t one of those […]