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People often ask us what makes solar window film such a great investment? Sure, you  may have read something here or there that sparked your interest but why should you get solar window film installed? Well, we are here to tell you why it’s such a solid investment.

Solar window film isn’t one of those investments where you have to break the bank and then slowly over time you should expect to start seeing a return. The savings actually happens immediately. By installing solar window film you will be reducing your energy costs, preserving your assets, and increasing market value on your property.

Having solar window film installed will reduce your energy bill every month as solar window film helps keep the climate inside your home or office controlled. Instead of having to crank that air conditioning unit up in the summers to combat the excess heat, solar films will help reduce the amount of sun’s energy coming through those windows to keep the temperature in the room under control. In the winter months, the film helps keep the warm air inside so that you’re not having to run the heater as hard or as often. Saving money on your energy bill is something everyone wishes they could do. The bills can be so high in the peak of the summer and heart of the winter. Why not reduce your bill today? Installing solar films is a cost effective solution. After the energy savings pays off the cost of your investment, any extra savings is considered income for you and your home or business.

Solar window films also help protect your assets. Believe it or not the sun’s UV rays are constantly coming through your windows if they are unprotected. Those UV rays can cause serious damage to your home or office by eating away at your furniture, decor and other assets. Although we cannot see these damaging rays with our eyes, they can completely ruin your stuff. UV rays can cause fading, warping, cracking, and peeling to anything they come in contact with whether it’s your wood floors, paintings or even fabrics. Having to replace these items can be expensive. Extend the life of your furniture, decor and other possessions with solar window films. Solar window films help reduce up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Finally, installing solar window films helps to increase the appeal and market value of your property. Whether you own a home or an office, installing solar window films is a great investment for you. Got a beautiful view? There’s no need to install curtains or shutters when you could install window film that will reduce that horrible glare that causes you to squint your eyes without inhibiting the view. Most films are hardly noticeable to the human eye and do not detract from that great million dollar view. Aesthetically the films are very pleasing which will increase appeal and the market value of your property. Additionally, go green investments like solar panels or solar window films are big selling points to buyers these days. Believe it or not, solar window films help reduce emissions by decreasing the use of high powered air conditioning units and heaters. Who doesn’t like to help the environment now days? Lastly you will be increasing privacy, security and function. Having a property with increased privacy and security is an outstanding selling point. Whether you are looking to sell or not, increasing appeal and property value is worth the investment. Everyone wants to live or work in a place they are proud of. Now is your chance! Call us today for a free quote and some more reasons why solar window film is worth the investment. 623-780-4950

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