Solar Window Films Offer Benefits Curtains & Shutters Don’t

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We have had a few clients ask us the benefits of utilizing window films over curtains, shutters and other decorative window fixtures.

The number one reason people seek alternatives to the traditional window fixtures are for visibility. Curtains and shutters are great, but unfortunately they inhibit your ability to see out. When you close your curtains or shutters you’re blocking out the heat and light and unfortunately your view. Who wants to feel like they are living in a prison? The big trend right now in homes is installing lots of windows that allow natural light in to provide your home with a larger and open feel. Windows are great, but windows offer no protection from the harsh sun that can blast through the glass. Installing window films would allow you to maintain the ambiance created by the natural light and open feel while blocking out harmful UV rays and eliminating the majority of the heat that comes through those windows with the natural sunlight. Window films give you the best of both worlds.

Window films come in a variety of options. You can elect to have a soft and subtle film that reduces heat and glare but keeps your windows crystal clear or you can go with a darker tint that reduces the amount of light entering your space. There are options for everyone. Window films unlike curtains and shutters work all of the time. They are applied directly to your glass and are always doing their job of reducing the amount of the sun’s energy penetrating the glass and entering your home. You won’t have to close your curtains or shutters any longer. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the natural light coming in and the wonderful view looking out. Additionally window films offer UV protection that curtains and shutters do not. They take away nearly 100 percent of the harmful UV rays leaving your home protected from sun damage and fading. Window films can be used in addition to shutters, curtains and other decorative window coverings. If you have existing window coverings, you don’t need to remove them. Window films can be used in addition to or as a stand alone solution.

If you’re looking for a year round, all day solution for your windows then solar window films would be for you. Don’t worry about the hassle of having to shut your shutters or pull the curtains. You don’t have to cut out all the light and inhibit your view. Protect your home, family and furniture by investing in window films. Call us today for a quote 623-780-4950.

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