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There’s a lot to know about window film before making a selection for your home or business, but we wanted to simply the process for you a little bit. Here are some fun quick facts to know about window film…

  • Installing window film can reduce the heat gain in your home or business by up to 80%. Wow! That’s quite a difference.
  • UV reduction on most films is about 99%. Window films can nearly eliminate those harmful UV rays from entering your home protecting your family and your belongings.
  • Studies suggest that residential home owners that install window tint can cut their utility bills by up to 12% each month. That’s a huge savings!
  • Return on investment is typically seen within 6 months to 3 years depending on which film application you choose. You not only improve comfort in your home or business, but you also get your money’s worth and more out of it.
  • The goal of window tinting is not to completely block out light, but to allow the natural light in while reducing heat and eliminating UV ray exposure.
  • Installing window film greatly improves the integrity of glass and provides a protective barrier in the event of fracture or shattering.
  • Heavy duty security film will reduce access to your home and potentially keep burglars from being able to break through the glass. The film holds the glass together making entering through a window a whole lot harder. It can be a great deterrent!
  • Window film is surprisingly affordable. It applies easily to your glass and can be removed for your convenience making it the perfect addition to any home or office. No long term commitment here!
  • Most tint comes with a lifetime warranty. Tint is typically intended to last one or even two decades! You will definitely get your moneys worth out of it.

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