Some Things To Remember After Installation

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After making the choice to install solar window film on your windows, here’s a few things to know …

Some things to remember after installation:

  • Window films are installed with a self adhesive that is activated with a soap and water solution. During installation the water solution is applied to the back of the film and then installed. Often following installation, bubbles may be seen behind the film. Don’t be concerned. As the water behind the film dries, the bubbles should disappear.
  • Sometimes people see a cloudy or milky appearance behind the film after installation. This cloudiness or discoloration is a result of the water between the film and the glass. As the water dries over time, the milky appearance will subside and it will clear up.
  • Do not clean the film during the period in which the film is drying. For best results, wait 30 days before thoroughly cleaning the film. Depending on the environment it can take days to weeks for the film to completely dry. Waiting about a month prior to cleaning ensures the film has had the proper time to dry and bonds to the glass.
  • Cleaning can be done by using a soft cloth with a soap and water solution or a light glass cleaner. Go easy on the water so  you don’t soak the film and potentially allow water to get between the film and glass. Do not use abrasive materials such as rough textured paper towels or sponges as the film will be at risk for scratching or other damage. You do not need to clean the film every day. Caring for the film is a pretty easy process. No need to worry or overthink it.
  • Window film is designed to last a decade or more. Most products come with a lifetime warranty of about 10-20 years. The film is made to withstand natural elements so there’s no need to worry about protecting the film from ongoing sun exposure or other weather conditions. Window films will not stand up against households pets and kids scratching or scraping it. Please remember that the warranty would not protect the film for these types of incidents. For the most part window film is incredibly resilient.

If you have any concerns about your window film, contact the company who did the installation. Getting answers directly from the source is the best bet instead of searching on the internet which can be misleading. Now that you have read the reminders, it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of solar window film.


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