The Risks of UV Radiation Indoors

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Most people contacting us for solar window films are interested in reducing the amount of heat in their homes by tinting the windows. Window films are amazing because they block out so much of the suns energy that your home can be comfortable year round. No more unbearable summers. On top of blocking out the heat, solar window films serve other amazing functions as well including reducing glare and blocking out harmful UV rays.

According to skincancer.org, up to 60 percent of harmful UV radiation can penetrate windows leaving you and your family exposed. Most people don’t realize that you are still at risk for UV exposure indoors as well as out. UV rays are known to cause a variety of different issues for people and animals including accelerated aging of skin, wrinkles, sun spots, pigment changes and most terrifying of all is cancer.

Arizona is one of the states known for having a higher risk of skin cancer. We have sunshine almost year round and where there is sun, there are UV rays. Even on cloudy days there’s still a level of UV radiation sneaking in through your glass windows. The risks are greater now than they have ever been because of modern architecture and building trends that lean towards the “open concept” where houses are built with less interior walls and more windows. High end homes have adopted the trend of window walls where literally entire exterior walls are made up of floor to ceiling windows. As beautiful as it is, the more widows we have the greater our exposure is to UV radiation.

Solar window films come in a variety of options, some products block out as much as 99 percent of UV rays making your home not only more comfortable but also safer for you and your family. Once the film is installed you can relax next to that window without fear of exposure. Blocking out UV rays isn’t only great for the inhabitants of your home, but also for your furniture and decor. Just like our skin, fabrics and woods absorb the heat and UV rays the sun emits causing warping, peeling, fading and even cracking. Tinting can help eliminate these risks and lengthen the life span of your furniture and decor. Call us today for a quick quote 6237804959 on solar window films. They are an affordable and multifunctional solution for your home or office, and a fantastic investment.

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