Will Solar Window Film Cause Damage To My Glass?

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One of the biggest hesitations we get from prospective clients is whether solar window film is safe for their windows. Will it damage my windows? I’ve heard it will cause the glass to fracture. What about the warranty on my glass?

Although these are all valid concerns, I’m here to tell you that you can’t believe everything you hear. First of all, solar window film is designed specifically for use on residential and commercial glass. The products were made to protect your windows, not ruin them. Worrying about solar window film damaging your windows is like worrying about how a rug might ruin your tile floors. Solar window film is made to be easily installed and easily removed. It’s not like trying to remove stucco from a house. The films come off pretty easily and do not cause damage to your glass. The films are installed with a water solution not a super glue meaning that they won’t leave behind a harsh film that damages your glass. If you decide you want to remove them, simply call the company who installed the product and it will likely be removed same day restoring your widows to their original condition. This is one of the reasons renters and landlords love our products! So no worries here.

Years ago there were issues of solar window film causing glass breakage to low-e and double pane windows. However, technology has come a long long way. We install solar window film on thousands of houses and businesses each year and we do not encounter glass breakage complaints daily, weekly or monthly. These are very rare occurrences and often aren’t a result of the film, but an underlying issue in the glass. Solar window film isn’t designed to suck the heat in and channel it in your glass. They are actually designed to prevent the heat from getting through the windows. Adding solar window films to dual pane and low-e is something that experts recommend. Don’t allow old stories to sway your opinions. Just like vehicles or other consumer products, the manufacturers are constantly improving and fixing issues that come up so that the problems do not occur in the future. These new films are better than they have ever been and again are designed to protect your glass and your home or office from the excessive heat.

Another big question for potential customers is about the existing warranty on their glass. Will the window film void my warranty? We don’t have your warranty on hand so we can’t know for sure if installing solar window film will void your existing warranty, but that’s why we offer our own warranty to cover your glass for breakage or damage for five full years. Our warranties typically offer more coverage than the general warranty you had previously. We want to make sure our customers are protected and wouldn’t want to leave you with no coverage. Upon installation we will provide you with both a product warranty and a glass warranty.

Our goal is to make sure you have all the information possible to make an educated and informed decision about solar window film. I’m hoping clarifying some of the “hesitations” or “questions” our clients come to us with will help. For your own free quote or for additional information, please call us at 622-780-4950.

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