Solar Films: A Great Investment

Solar window film is a great investment in your home or business for obvious reasons including heat and glare control, as well as energy cost savings. When it comes to making an investment, there are typically two questions: how quickly will I start seeing a return on my investment and what’s the lifespan of solar […]

Consumer Accounts Are a Great Resource

You can read all the facts you want to about window films, but sometimes the best information you can find is customer reviews and personal accounts from people who have purchased the product. I came across a blog post that I absolutely loved by “Style By Emily Henderson” where she accounts her struggles with trying […]

What Causes Heat? How Do Solar Films Help?

Living in Arizona, we are familiar with heat. The summers here can reach nearly 120 degrees making going outside unbearable and staying inside not much better. Now as seasons change, temperatures rise and fall. However heat is persistent in Arizona year round. So what causes heat? Heat is caused by a variety of factors. First […]