What Causes Heat? How Do Solar Films Help?

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Living in Arizona, we are familiar with heat. The summers here can reach nearly 120 degrees making going outside unbearable and staying inside not much better. Now as seasons change, temperatures rise and fall. However heat is persistent in Arizona year round. So what causes heat?

Heat is caused by a variety of factors. First there’s visible light. Visible light is the light we can see. Next there’s infrared light which is light that we cannot see. Finally there’s UV rays/light. This is the most harmful of all of them.

Solar window film is designed to not only cut down on visible light but also reduce invisible lights like infrared and UV rays as well. By cutting back on more than your visible light, we are able to dramatically reduce heat in your home and office. Films can help cut back on the suns energy by nearly 70 percent. Now that’s impressive!

Why should I choose solar window films over other products such as curtains, shutters and shade screens? All of the mentioned products reduce heat by cutting down on visible light sources. As we now know, visible light is only responsible for a little less than half of the heat problems. Unlike these products, solar window films cut down on all sources of heat making them more effective. They also provide the additional benefit of protecting against fading and sun damage by cutting out nearly 100 percent of UV rays.

What are some other benefits of solar window film? We cut it to size! We don’t have to spend weeks waiting on a custom product fit for your windows. Our technicians cut the film exactly to the size they need for your home or office. Another perk is it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s an affordable and easy solution. Next, solar window film is easy to care for and clean. Shutters, curtains and sun screens tend to collect a lot of dust and dirt. To clean them the windows, the products need to be removed or pulled away from the glass. Solar window film is applied directly to the glass and can be cleaned with a quick swipe of a damp cloth. Caring for them couldn’t be any easier. Finally, solar window film comes with a manufacturer warranty. The other window solutions don’t often come with lifetime warranties protecting them or your glass. We give our customers lifetime product warranties and glass breakage warranties for up to five years. It’s a great way to solidify your investment.

Solar window film is effective as it combats all sources of heat getting into your home or office. They allow you to get reprieve from that relentless sun. Not to mention, they look great too! Unlike most other heat reducing options, solar window films don’t obstruct your view. Just like vehicle tint, you can get the comfort without compromising your ability to see right out of the glass. There’s really no better solution. Pick up the phone and call us today for a free quote 6237804950. Find out how you can start living comfortably today.


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