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You can read all the facts you want to about window films, but sometimes the best information you can find is customer reviews and personal accounts from people who have purchased the product.

I came across a blog post that I absolutely loved by “Style By Emily Henderson” where she accounts her struggles with trying to find the perfect solution to her “wall of windows” she has in her home in California. In AZ this is becoming a lot more popular as well. People love the open feel from all the light that comes in and the ability to take in the gorgeous view of the outdoors. However with light and lots of windows comes heat and problems from excess sun. Like the writer says in her blog, she loved the room with the windows because it was stunning like it came out of a magazine but she couldn’t enjoy it. The glare and heat made the space unbearable.

Like many people, the author said she tried multiple easy fixes like self installed tint and shades. The first tint was dark and hideous. It completely detracted from the space making it dull and uninviting. The view was obstructed and she no longer loved her favorite room. When she put up the sun shades, she said the room was so much cooler but the view was completely lost. To be able to stay in the room the screens had to be completely down and it left her staring at white screens instead of beautiful views. Finally reluctantly she contacted a professional window tinting company who came out with a variety of options for her to choose from. She selected a tint that fit her needs and wants perfectly. The tint was so light it was hardly noticeable and so effective that she could finally enjoy her favorite space in her home. She saved the best for last! She was so happy she had called.

That’s the amazing thing about window films is they have the power to transform your space both aesthetically and functionally. Tint these days isn’t like the tint you used to see 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. The technology is absolutely amazing! Tints are getting lighter and more efficient every day. The window films we supply reduce the suns energy by about 60% and the UV rays by 99%. Imagine having practically no glare, drastically less heat and almost 100 perfect protection from sun damage caused by UV rays. These are just some of the benefits as outlined in the authors blog.

Now that you’ve heard some of the reasons why the writer of the blog was happy with her choice in widow films over alternatives, I would suggest reading the full blog referenced in this post by “Style By Emily Henderson” about the amazing transformation in her home thanks to window films. It’s so well written and is full of great information directly from the source, a consumer. She explains the reasons why she finally decided to go with window film and how it’s changed her home for the better. She also outlines the process to get window films installed and some of the options on the market. Most important of all, she explains the reasons why you should go with a professional installer over do it yourself options. She’s very honest and descriptive in her experiences.

Take some time to read a real and honest perspective from a window film customer. Here is the link https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/window-happiness-two

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