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One of the unspoken benefits of solar window film is increased privacy. Most people call us looking to reduce heat and glare in their home or office as a primary goal, but often have other underlying concerns like fade control and of course privacy. Solar film is an amazing product that provides a long list of benefits to the homeowner or business owner that extend beyond the basics of reducing heat and glare. Privacy is one of those great added benefits you get on top of increased comfort and reduced energy costs.

Whether you own a home or business, a common concern is privacy. Most people think of curtains or shutters when they are considering increasing privacy in their home or business. However, shutters and curtains completely block out any line of sight from the inside out. You may be getting privacy, but are you getting any peace of mind? Personally having the ability to see outside without obstruction gives me comfort. I like to know what’s going on around me. I’m sure most people feel the exact same way.

Window films are applied to the interior of the windows and each film has a level of reflection on the outside that not only keeps sun rays out, but also makes it difficult for people on the outside to see in. Think of the film as a barrier between them and you. This provides those inside with increased privacy. On the inside of the building you can look out the windows with ease and with a sense of security knowing that you and your family or employees are protected from prying eyes. In addition, window films are hardly noticeable to the naked eye. They blend right in to the glass and do not detract from the beautiful views outside those windows. No prison feel here like you get with curtains or other window coverings. Embrace  the views and comfort solar window films can provide you while knowing you have increased privacy in your home or office.

Of course solar window film comes in a variety of options and you can choose to increase or decrease your level of solar protection and privacy. We have been in the business for about 30 years and our experts can help recommend a few choices for you to help you reach your goals with the products. 

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