Window Film In AZ Is Almost A Necessity

Living in Arizona can be beautiful. Not many states have sunshine year round. We are blessed to not have constant rain or clouds. Our skies are clear and the sun is almost always shining down on us. The downfall of living in Arizona is the hot hot summers. The summers can be completely unbearable and the constant sunshine means endless sun exposure.

Excessive sun exposure isn’t healthy for humans, pets, or our home (and all the items we have inside). The sun brings more than just light, it also exposes everything in its path to UV rays and radiation. UV rays are dangerous to humans and pets because they increase risk for skin cancers, skin damage, cataracts and speed up the signs of aging. UV rays on furniture, flooring and other objects has a similarly detrimental effect. UV rays and sun exposure cause warping, fading, peeling, fracture and stripping of oils and color. Ultimately long term sun exposure results in irreversible damage to humans, pets and belongings. Arizona having year round sun puts every one of us at a great risk.

Just as we tint windows in our vehicles to keep the harsh sun off of us and our things inside the car, window tint on home windows is almost a must in Arizona. When the Arizona summer comes and you’re desperately trying to keep cool indoors, window tint saves the day by eliminating a vast majority of the suns solar energy from entering your home through your windows which of course are the most vulnerable part of your home. Cutting back on how much heat and energy gets in is the perfect way to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your family year round. It’s a great way to beat the heat! Additionally the negative aspects of year round sunshine, the UV rays, are nearly we eradicated. Window tint is essential in a “sunshine” state like Arizona because it provides long term protection from UV rays and the consequences of continuous exposure. Window film blocks out about 99 percent of those dangerous UV rays. You can have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy the natural sunlight without the risks. Window film basically works as a filter on your windows blocking out the negative aspects of the sun but leaving the positive ones for you to enjoy.

Like we mentioned before, window tinting in Arizona is almost a necessity. We tint our cars, why not get the same benefits in your home? There’s no reason to be miserable with the heat or over exposed from┬áthe sun. Keep your family and your home protected with solar window film. Call us today and find out more about our products. We would love to offer you a hassle free quote! 623-780-4950.