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When you buy a home, whether new or resale it is always expensive. It seems like the costs just keep coming and you can’t catch a break anywhere.

New builds are beautiful but don’t come with all the extras you desire like window coverings and back yard landscaping. Most people want to get window coverings installed before they move in so they can live comfortably in their home without unbearable heat and bright blinding sun. Resale and older homes almost always need some maintenance. Old windows need replaced or the blinds that are existing are outdated and filthy. It’s inevitable that you will have to make additional purchases on top of the expense of the home itself to make it livable.

The great news is we have an affordable solution for you. If you built that brand new home, there’s no reason to buy blinds or expensive curtains. If you bought that resale you saw potential in, there’s no reason to go out and spend a fortune to replace those windows or window fixtures. Solar window film can solve your problems by offering solutions to various concerns you may have in your new place. Worried about the excessive sunlight blasting through those naked windows? Window films block out harmful UV rays and blinding light but still allow the beautiful natural light to come in without the risk of UV exposure. Does your new home have some older windows? Installing window film over older windows not only revitalizes them but also reinforces them. It increases the integrity of the glass and provides additional insulation that can bring your windows closer to modern day energy standards. Dying to rip out those old blinds that came with your home? Window film is the best way to achieve the goals of reducing heat, conserving energy and limiting excessive light. Blinds collect dust, they are tough to clean and they only block heat and light when they are closed. Window film allows the wanted light in while still keeping out the heat and preserving that beautiful view.

So stop stressing. You’ve already spent a fortune, why pay more than you have to to get that home up to your standards? Let us help you save money and improve your home. Call us today for a free quote 623-780-4950.

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