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The summer heat has already hit us hard here in Arizona. We are seeing story after story on the news about heat exhaustion, sun poisoning and dehydration. The number of hospital visits and deaths seem to be increasing with each summer. With temperatures peaking at 120 degrees, even being inside isn’t a true escape from the heat and sun. So what can we do to stay safe and comfortable in these hot summer months and throughout the year?

Solar window films are the perfect way to protect your family and your home from the overbearing heat this summer. Widow films place a protective barrier on your windows keeping those dangerous UV rays and hazardous heat away from your family. What are some of the risks associated with bare windows?

Windows are the most vulnerable part of your home. Windows without tint exposure you to UV rays year round. UV rays and UV radiation are known to cause several conditions including cancers, cataracts, and accelerated aging. People often don’t realize that sitting in a room with natural sunlight and unprotected windows is direct UV exposure. The UV rays penetrate glass like it doesn’t even exist. Whether it’s hot or cool outside, the UV rays don’t go away.

Additional risks come from the heat which in the summer can reach nearly 125 degrees. The temperatures coming into your home not only put your home at risk, but also your family. Windows that aren’t treated and protected by solar window films can absorb all the heat coming from that blazing summer sun increasing the risk for shatter or fracture. Imagine sitting by a window and having it break, it would be terrifying and someone may be injured. Glass can in fact “explode” and break into hundreds of little pieces. This can be costly and dangerous. By the sun having free access through your glass windows into your home, the increase in temperature even by a few degrees can trigger dehydration or heat stroke in people especially young children or older adults. Studies suggest an increase in just a few degrees over several hours can have a huge impact on the body. There’s also the risk of sun poisoning from being subject to too much sunlight.

Homeowners who have used AZ Glass Tinting for their solar window film installation always tell us they notice an immediate difference. You don’t realize how much sun and heat is coming through those windows until you have the protection from it. Not only will your family thank you, but your home will too. The sun can damage anything it comes in contact with on a frequent basis. Protect the people you love and the home you worked so hard for. Call us today for a free quote 6237804950. Protection from this blazing heat is just one call away.

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