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There’s a number of reasons that solar window films are the way to go for heat and sun control in your home or business. However some stand out reasons include the easy installation and the fact that they are so low maintenance. The upkeep for solar window films is almost non existent.

Whether you’re installing films in your home or office, time is always a concern. You don’t want to impede your work day or have to commit to days of being home to wait for installation. Luckily with solar window films we can go from quote to installation almost immediately. As long as the films are stock films and not a custom order, we can typically schedule you for installation the very same week. Unlike shutters or drapes window films are generally cut to size on site during your installation. Our experts want to make sure to get the perfect fit so there are no gaps or areas where light can sneak on it. The installation is done very quickly and lucky for you we have been doing this for over 30 years so our experience plays a big part in our timely installations. Your home or office won’t look like a construction zone with tools and dust strung out every where. The installation process is relatively clean and we always make sure to leave the space just as we saw it. The films are installed with a soap and water solution leaving no weird residues or damage to the drywall or glass. Isn’t that a relief?

After installation, you will notice a little bit of clouding for a few days. The solution is setting and during the curing process there may be some discoloration or cloudiness. However, no need to worry as the solution dries this disappears leaving you with a beautifully installed protective film. During the curing process we ask that you do not touch the windows. Once cured (we recommend waiting 30 days), you may wash the windows with a soft soap and water solution and use a soft towel to dry if you so choose to. Dusting can be done with a soft rag or a damp cloth. That is essentially the extent of care you will do to maintain the film. There’s no special tricks or gimmicks here. Just as we promised, solar window films are very low maintenance. The window films are incredibly resilient and designed to last for a long long time. So sit back and enjoy it. Once installed, you will immediately be able to enjoy the benefits of solar film including reduced heat, less glare and more comfort in your home or office.

Call us today for a free quote or questions 6237804950. With over 30 years in the industry, there should be no question that AZ Glass Tinting is the right company for you.


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