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Monsoon season is in full effect. Thunder, lightning, heavy winds and lots of rain. It’s all over the news right now. I’ve seen a lot of damage in my own neighborhood in the last few weeks. Don’t stress about the storms, protect your windows with solar window films. Here’s how we can help you keep your home and family safe …

One of the benefits of solar window films is that they provide your glass windows with an extra layer of protection from the elements. Although the film is typically installed on the inside, the film adheres directly to the glass reenforcing it and providing improved structural integrity. After applying the film, its secured in place with a sealant around the outside of the film binding it nicely to your window frames. When the rain is pouring down you will not have to worry about water seeping in between the glass and frame. It’s a great way to update and improve those old windows.

When the winds are high and debris is blowing around during those summer storms, the film protects your windows from shattering. If something comes in contact with the glass causing fracture, the film hold the glass fragments in place protecting you and your family from potential harm. The film naturally works as a deterrent. It makes it more difficult for anything to get through the glass and into your home. Flying branches, rocks, dust walls… don’t get yourself so worked up, it’s time to be proactive. We would love to tell you more about how and why solar films can help protect your windows and glass. Additionally, an added benefit of having film installed with AZ Glass Tinting is the glass warranty. Our products come with product warranties and glass coverage. If your glass is damaged while in accordance with the warranty, we can have it replaced for you. This is one of the many benefits of going through a professional company like AZ Glass Tinting.

I know the monsoon season is stressful every year. The dust storms, microbursts and heavy walls of rain can cause alarm for homeowners. These storms can cause severe damage to property. Let us help you protect your windows from not only the sun, but from the other elements as well. Contact us today at 623-780-4950 for a free quote and additional information. Protect your home and your family year round with solar window films!

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