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Solar window film is designed to protect your home or business from heat, UV rays and other environmental factors. However the technology for solar films continues to change and improve prompting the development of products that go beyond just solar protection. Films designed for commercial use can offer additional benefits and protection for the business and owner.

For example, we have done countless installations on store fronts or shops. These retail businesses are often close to roads, sidewalks, vehicle traffic and foot traffic. Where there’s a lot of traffic, there’s greater risk for glass damage. As cars drive by rocks and debris left in the roads can easily end up colliding with your store front windows. The impact can cause scratches, pits, cracks or worse the glass to shatter. Without a protective film your windows are completely exposed and vulnerable. AZ Glass Tinting offers business like these graffiti proof solar films that are installed to both protect your business from solar factors but also from increased exposure to glass damage.

Another risk of being this close to the road and people is the risk of vandalism and theft. Retail stores are prime targets to vandalism because they are easily accessible and have limited security. Windows get keyed, intentionally broken or even painted by vandals. With protective film, these risks are greatly limited. For instance if a vandal tries to key your glass. The layer of film works as a barrier to protect the glass itself from the damage. Window film also makes it more difficult to break through the glass. If the glass is in fact broken, the film holds it together potentially keeping your store from exposure to theft. Any attempt to damage the glass would either be eliminated or delayed. The vandals and thieves would have to put forth extra time and effort to successfully achieve their goals.

Whether your concerns are amping up security or protecting your business from regular wear and tear, solar films would be an ideal investment for your company. They are relatively low cost, easy to install and designed to last for a long time. Call us today for your free quote 6237804950 and to find out more about how solar window films can protect your business.

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