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If you’re looking to make home improvements without having to take out a huge loan, solar window films may be a cost effective solution for you.

Homes have what is called an economic life. The economic life is the time is which the home is considered to be gaining equity and building value. As time goes on homes start to deteriorate and age. With aging often comes loss of value with the small exception of historic homes. Replacing old windows and doors can be incredibly expensive. So how do you revamp your home without spending a fortune?

Installing solar window film or decorative films to old shabby windows or glass doors can really improve the look and function of your aging home. The film can easily dress up some bland dated windows or cover up some blemishes from normal wear and tear. Solar window film comes in a large selection of choices that can suit any look you’d like to achieve. From softer tints to bolder and darker tints, the choices are endless. We even offer colors and patterns that can really help a homeowner customize their space. The film also adds additional protection and increases integrity. If you can’t replace the old windows, you can at least reinforce them with solar films.

When you’re looking to make an investment you want to consider the cost, time and return. The cost to install solar window film is minimal as compared with the cost to completely replace windows and doors. The time for install is incredibly quick. The turn around for most installations is just a few days. Moreover, the return on the investment is fast and long lasting. You start to save money on energy costs almost immediately and this savings continues for the life of the film which is typically around 10-15 years. Additionally you’re adding value back into your home again after by taking care of the depreciated and aging materials. The list of benefits continues to grow.

So look no further for those updates you’re wanting to make on your home. We can help improve the look, function and value of your home with solar window films. Let one of our experts give you a hassle free quote today. 6237804950

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