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It’s cooling off but that doesn’t mean you don’t need solar window films. People put off solar window films the second the weather starts cooling down. They seem to think that window tinting is only beneficial in the hottest months of the year. However, that’s so far from the truth.

Solar window film is designed to help block sun not just heat. In Arizona, the sun doesn’t stop blasting us when winter rolls around. The sun is still as bright and persistent as ever. So what’s the problem with excessive sun? Several issues include glare, fading, heat, and harmful radiation.

Window tint helps eliminate that blinding sun twelve months a year. It will help keep your home pleasant and functional. No one wants to have to keep moving their TV or computer screens because the sun is disrupting their ability to view it due to glare or keep moving spots on the sofa because the sun is directly on you. Solar film helps prevent these problems and more!

When your home is receiving too much sunlight it’s hard to utilize and enjoy the space. The sunlight is harsh on eyes, skin, and simply unbearable. Who wants to be in a living room that has constant direct light all day long? Even in the winter when the outside temperatures are down, that amount of sun exposure will increase temperatures inside and make the environment uncomfortable. Solar window film allows for some natural light to enter while removing the excess light and almost all UV rays.

Sunlight and UV rays are dangerous to people, animals and property. Allowing the sun to enter your windows and shine on your property will result in property damage. The sun is known to cause warping, peeling, splitting, and fading to your belongings. If it can do that to your property, imagine what happens to your skin! Yes, believe it or not you’re still at risk for cancer while you’re indoors. Solar window films block out 99 percent of UV rays and about half or more of the suns energy. It provides protection for your family, your home and all of the stuff inside it.

Solar window films are meant to work year round not just seasonally. In the summer months and winter months you will experience a more comfortable, usable and temperate environment in your home. Plus the savings on your energy costs extend to all 365 days. Take advantage of the savings and benefits all year long. Give us a call today for a free quote and more information at 6237804950.


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