What’s Changed In The Window Tinting Industry?

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The stigma of the old window tinting still lingers in the minds of some would be customers. It’s ugly or it makes the rooms too dark! People think about the old mirrored and outdated window tint you see on high rises or the dark window film you spot on residentials. But like most things, new technology is always coming out. Things are evolving every day. The product continues to get better and better. So what’s changed in the solar film industry?

The Look. Solar window films used to be highly reflective and almost mirror like. They were tacky and poorly made. People weren’t interested in having their homes look like office buildings. However, new technology has improved the look and quality of the film. Most high end residential films these days are hardly noticeable to the human eye. They are virtually seamless. There’s no longer these big gaps between the film and the window frame. Instead of having a one size fits all option, there are countless options to choose from. Films have become far more aesthetically appealing and have even evolved to offer custom designs that really represent “you”. Whether it’s colored film, patterned film or clear film you can find any tint you can dream up.

The Performance. Solar window films used to be designed to absorb all parts of the solar spectrum not allowing any part of a set percentage to enter the home. This meant if your film was designed to reduce heat by 60% it also was reducing the light by essentially the same amount. Unfortunately they weren’t manufactured to allow natural light in because the technology wasn’t available to eliminate just the heat. This is where the assumption about films making your home dark came into play. The new films are made to eliminate heat through infrared rejection in solar rays and focusing on rejection of certain aspects of the solar spectrum. The new films reduce the heat gain, reduce solar energy absorption but allow for natural healthy light into your home. Your home won’t be dark and dreary! It will just be more comfortable.

The Lifespan. Additionally now that the films are made better and designed to reject heat instead of only absorbing heat, the films last a lot longer. Films are now designed to be lighter weight, longer lasting and stronger against the elements. With products installed today most come with lifetime warranties. That’s an added bonus that wasn’t always around! Warranties can vary but typically last about 15 years. The films are covered against bubbling, peeling, discoloration and etc. Manufacturers are finding ways to cut costs not corners, and offering warranties to protect your investment.

The Value. In conclusion the appearance has improved, the quality has increased and the durability has evolved. All of these factors have helped make solar window film a better value and solid investment. With films as energy efficient and effective as they are today, people are saving a lot of money! You should be too. Give us a call to find out your options and to receive a hassle free quote from the solar film experts at AZ Solar Control. Our number is 6237804950. We look forward to your call.

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