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When you’re selecting window films there are a lot of things to consider. You want to choose the right tint to match your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re tinting your home or office, choosing the right product is essential.

One thing to remember is samples can be misleading. A lot of our customers just ask to see samples and want to make decisions on how it looks. We always bring samples but asking questions helps us accurately determine which product would benefit you most. The way a product looks doesn’t always match the goal you’re trying to achieve. Aesthetics are only one part of it. Samples can appear different based upon lighting and sample size. The smaller samples don’t provide the most accurate depiction of what the product would look like in your home or office. How can a few inches really accurately show you how the product will look covering your entire window? It doesn’t. They are simply there for reference. So what should you be considering besides appearance?

Some factors that determine which product we recommend for you would include light, privacy, security, function, temperature, glare, and cost. What amount of light would you like to have in the room? If you’re looking for a lot of natural light we may select a different product than someone who isn’t worried about light. Do you have any privacy or security concerns? Are you trying to keep people from seeing in? Is this going in a home or an office? An example of function would be if the space used for a photography studio or home theatre. Different products can compliment different activities and functions. How much is heat an issue for you in the space? Does the sun create a harsh glare? Finally, what’s your budget for the project?

We love when our customers have a sense of what they are looking to achieve because this allows us to determine the right percentage tint for you. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, our experts will help guide you. When you’re looking for the right product, allow some professionals to help. We provide free no hassle quotes to our prospective clients. It’s important we come in person so we can give you the most accurate price quote and the best recommendations. If we can’t see what we will be working with, we are simply making a blind guess which isn’t beneficial for you. Allow us to help you. We will ask you some questions to get an idea of what you’re looking for then we will come to your home or office for the quote. We will take some measurements, bring some samples and share our expert knowledge with you so you can make the best decision for your place. We have been in the industry nearly 30 years and have done projects all over the state. We know the industry, we know our products and we will provide you the best possible recommendation we can.

Like we said before, samples and product descriptions are only part of what you should consider when selecting a product. Choosing window films is a science and there’s a lot more that goes into it. So call us today 623-780-4950. Stop googling, stop cruising the local hardware stores. Pick up the phone and call us. Don’t stress about not knowing what product would be right for you. We can help! There’s no smarter decision than bringing in the experts to help.

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